Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Eating with A.Peach

If you ever share a meal with A.Peach this is what you can expect...

She gets her's with an extra side of mashed potatoes, but since I'm Not A.Peach, I got mine with a side of corn.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A little something to keep yer booty in

Avast, me hearties! Thar be knittin' content on this here blog.


This is the Mini Skull and Crossbones Tote from Hello Yarn, knit with Cascade 220 (I believe) in a bright, fire engine red. The black skull 'n crossbones are on both sides.

Never mind the other items in the picture. It may be too disturbing if you try to comprehend them all in one sitting. Like the "Burning Bed" Farrah. Or the advent calendar. But -Ooh!, Netflix! I wonder what a.peach is watching these days? (Which may be just as disturbing as this diorama.)

Ah, but the pirate tote is swell. It'll be a lucky friend that gets this gift. (And no, that wasn't begging or even asking. Just a compliment.)

Friday, November 17, 2006

More sock

More finished socks! [11.16.06] These are for the cousin of a.peach for a Christmas gift. They are Jojoland Melody sock yarn and, depsite all appearances, they are from the same colorway and dye lot.

a.peach claims that they are soft. I guess that we will have to believe her until we have some Melody socks of our own.

Ooh - and lookee at her fancy, schmancy knittin' purse! It's a Jordana Paige Knitting Satchel. I spy with my own eyes.... Lorna's Laces in Girly Stripe! And these are for the knitter herself.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sox for... (not me)

How does this meredith person get such purty socks, eh? What special mind/knitting control talents does she posess that makes a.peach knit sock for her instead of for herself (or me, for that matter)?

Ah, but they are attractive sock, no? Lana Grossa Meilenweit Fantasy (unknown color #). a.peach's basic sock pattern, which she has down to perfection.

a.peach finished these socks on Nov. 8, including the cute lil' mini sock! She finished the melon socks, below, on Nov. 1.

And finally, a pair for herself! These colors are "poifect" and much t'anks goes out to Purling Pirate and the Squid for picking out such a.peach-ish colors. They are fantastic socks, however, doe to a.peach's knitting skillz (yes, with a "Z")!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

all our socks

all our socks, originally uploaded by not a.peach.

Ain't that a beautiful sight? 9 knit grrls and 9 knit socks. Good socks; great friends!

A single sock was knit secretively for one of the other 9 knit grrls while secretly someone was knitting for you. Ah... the intruige. Ah... the mystery. ('cept 'cuz a.peach was the mastermind and secret name picker-outer-and-notifiier. sheesh)

Turns out our a.peach not-so-stealthily-but-still-secretively designed and knit socks for BotGurl. She was gifted a peachy sock from none other than Purse Ho!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Ah, she answers my own question

schoeller stahl, originally uploaded by not a.peach.

Lookie here, an FO. That a.peach is one mean sock knittin' machine!

This is the first finished pair from the wall of shame, er... sock. These are knit with Schoeller Stahl yarn. Hmm... I don't have the colorway name or number, needle size, or how many skeins it took. But I'm fairly certain that they were knit cuff-down using a basic sock pattern (ribbing + stockinette leg & foot + heel flap).

Anyhow she did 'em, they're beautiful. And I really like the mismatchedness of them. I can just imagine her knitting the second sock... "pink ribbed cuff, a matchy... grey, cream, blue, mmmmmm... matchy..... gold heel flap and burgandy stripe, still pretty matchy .. these socks are incredibly matchy!.... pink and grey and cream - woohoo!... blue and... WAIT! Where's the matchy?" Hee hee hee

Thursday, October 19, 2006

If she's drowning in a sea of socks, don't save her.

You see no struggle on her face, no fight in her swim. A.peach is at peace with the sea of sock yarn and dpns. For a while, she stays afloat, completing her SSSSsock and starting another. But then she takes on my yarn and starts to go under. One last thrust of arm bursts through the waves of fiber, only to wave you on and grab another skein.

A.peach has finished one sock for the SSSS with us local knitgals, and has started another sock. I don't know how her progress on those other socks are going. Any FOs, heels or toes? She's also purchased more sock yarn. Like an addict.

But who am I to throw stones? I, too, have purchased more (More, MORE!) sock yarn and I haven't even finished my SSSSsock. Ah, but I am not a.peach.