Friday, October 13, 2006

sock stash

sock stash, originally uploaded by not a.peach.

Instead of explaining or showing anymore of a.peach's home (yet), we'll focus on the sock yarn stash. This picture was taken back in July, so realize that the yarn stash has since grown! The funny thing is that a.peach is not that much of a stasher/hoarder.

Typically, a.peach will buy yarn for a predefined use such as a sweater or a tank. (Um, "tank" shirt not like an army tank. Not that that wouldn't be brilliant if she did it.) And so the non-sock yarn portion of her stash is quite minimum. (Perhaps one day we'll have a picture of the entire stash, eh?)

I can't remember when a.peach started gettin' the fever - for knitting socks. But it has hit her hard. She has a full on case of the sock sickness, which is awesome in our books.

There's a wide range of sock yarns in this picture from Trekking (back row), Regia, and KnitPicks to Lorna's Laces (front yarn cakes), Cherry Tree Hill, and Mountain Colors Barefoot. What's her favorite? I dunno - perhaps Regia, for the awesome striping that can do.

On a side note, can anyone guess the three movie pictures shown in that last post?


At 14/10/06 8:57 PM, Anonymous skitter said...

I know for sure that one of those posters is from the movie Swingers . . . the other two I cannot identify!

I can't wait to see more adventures from not a.peach!


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