Thursday, October 19, 2006

If she's drowning in a sea of socks, don't save her.

You see no struggle on her face, no fight in her swim. A.peach is at peace with the sea of sock yarn and dpns. For a while, she stays afloat, completing her SSSSsock and starting another. But then she takes on my yarn and starts to go under. One last thrust of arm bursts through the waves of fiber, only to wave you on and grab another skein.

A.peach has finished one sock for the SSSS with us local knitgals, and has started another sock. I don't know how her progress on those other socks are going. Any FOs, heels or toes? She's also purchased more sock yarn. Like an addict.

But who am I to throw stones? I, too, have purchased more (More, MORE!) sock yarn and I haven't even finished my SSSSsock. Ah, but I am not a.peach.


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