Friday, October 20, 2006

Ah, she answers my own question

schoeller stahl, originally uploaded by not a.peach.

Lookie here, an FO. That a.peach is one mean sock knittin' machine!

This is the first finished pair from the wall of shame, er... sock. These are knit with Schoeller Stahl yarn. Hmm... I don't have the colorway name or number, needle size, or how many skeins it took. But I'm fairly certain that they were knit cuff-down using a basic sock pattern (ribbing + stockinette leg & foot + heel flap).

Anyhow she did 'em, they're beautiful. And I really like the mismatchedness of them. I can just imagine her knitting the second sock... "pink ribbed cuff, a matchy... grey, cream, blue, mmmmmm... matchy..... gold heel flap and burgandy stripe, still pretty matchy .. these socks are incredibly matchy!.... pink and grey and cream - woohoo!... blue and... WAIT! Where's the matchy?" Hee hee hee


At 20/10/06 9:02 AM, Anonymous P-la said...

Sooo pretty!! Can't wait to see them in person!

At 20/10/06 9:44 PM, Anonymous Petra said...


At 21/10/06 8:41 PM, Blogger Purse_Ho said...

these ROCK!!!

At 25/1/09 6:28 PM, Blogger Charisse said...

This is to weird, I attempted to make the same pair with the same yarn a few years ago. I made one. I went into the attic today and was looking through my yarn and found the other sock and just started to finish the second sock today.


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