Friday, October 20, 2006

Ah, she answers my own question

schoeller stahl, originally uploaded by not a.peach.

Lookie here, an FO. That a.peach is one mean sock knittin' machine!

This is the first finished pair from the wall of shame, er... sock. These are knit with Schoeller Stahl yarn. Hmm... I don't have the colorway name or number, needle size, or how many skeins it took. But I'm fairly certain that they were knit cuff-down using a basic sock pattern (ribbing + stockinette leg & foot + heel flap).

Anyhow she did 'em, they're beautiful. And I really like the mismatchedness of them. I can just imagine her knitting the second sock... "pink ribbed cuff, a matchy... grey, cream, blue, mmmmmm... matchy..... gold heel flap and burgandy stripe, still pretty matchy .. these socks are incredibly matchy!.... pink and grey and cream - woohoo!... blue and... WAIT! Where's the matchy?" Hee hee hee

Thursday, October 19, 2006

If she's drowning in a sea of socks, don't save her.

You see no struggle on her face, no fight in her swim. A.peach is at peace with the sea of sock yarn and dpns. For a while, she stays afloat, completing her SSSSsock and starting another. But then she takes on my yarn and starts to go under. One last thrust of arm bursts through the waves of fiber, only to wave you on and grab another skein.

A.peach has finished one sock for the SSSS with us local knitgals, and has started another sock. I don't know how her progress on those other socks are going. Any FOs, heels or toes? She's also purchased more sock yarn. Like an addict.

But who am I to throw stones? I, too, have purchased more (More, MORE!) sock yarn and I haven't even finished my SSSSsock. Ah, but I am not a.peach.

Friday, October 13, 2006

sock stash

sock stash, originally uploaded by not a.peach.

Instead of explaining or showing anymore of a.peach's home (yet), we'll focus on the sock yarn stash. This picture was taken back in July, so realize that the yarn stash has since grown! The funny thing is that a.peach is not that much of a stasher/hoarder.

Typically, a.peach will buy yarn for a predefined use such as a sweater or a tank. (Um, "tank" shirt not like an army tank. Not that that wouldn't be brilliant if she did it.) And so the non-sock yarn portion of her stash is quite minimum. (Perhaps one day we'll have a picture of the entire stash, eh?)

I can't remember when a.peach started gettin' the fever - for knitting socks. But it has hit her hard. She has a full on case of the sock sickness, which is awesome in our books.

There's a wide range of sock yarns in this picture from Trekking (back row), Regia, and KnitPicks to Lorna's Laces (front yarn cakes), Cherry Tree Hill, and Mountain Colors Barefoot. What's her favorite? I dunno - perhaps Regia, for the awesome striping that can do.

On a side note, can anyone guess the three movie pictures shown in that last post?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

wall of shame

wall of shame, originally uploaded by not a.peach.

A not-so-secret look into a.peach's home and mind. A.peach is a super sock knitter, and here we see a line-up of her socks-in-progress. This is meant to encourage her to work on 'em and not get stuck in Second Sock Syndrome limbo.

What socks can you spy? Regia in pink, coral, and browns. Cabled sock in orange Rowan Cork. Ooh, what else?

(Oh, yeah. And that's totally a large, plush tampon from My Paper Crane gifted by me to a.peach.)

Who am I?

Well, you know that I am not A. Peach. But who am I then? Well, that's a funny story... sort of.

I am a friend of 'miss peach' that has been haranging and pestering A.Peach to get a blog. And I'm not the only one. At our last knit nite (yesh, there will be a lot of knitting content), I was joking that if A.Peach didn't get a blog that I would do it for her. And so here I am.

This blog is not meant to be mean-spirited or negative. It is simply the publishing of A.Peach's adventures as told through a friend's voice. It is full of love and admiration for A.Peach, with a little bit o' sass thrown in for good measure.

I don't know where this "joke" will lead. Whether I will continue this, have other friends of A.Peach join in, or give it all up when she starts her own blog or I get bored. But for now, enjoy. That's my plan.

Oh, yeah. Eventually (after some content), I will let A.Peach in on this joke. Hee hee, can't wait for that!